At the heart of ORU’s passion and advocacy for a better world and the ability to live a more dignified life, lies ORU Basic Universal Income or ORU UBI.

Universal Basic Income, also called unconditional basic income or citizens income, is an old and established concept going back to the time of the Renaissance, when humanism and the Protagorian perspective that “man is the measure of all things” manifested itself in all aspects of life. Not surprisingly it originated from Florence, Italy.  Traditionally UBI has been viewed as a form of social security whereby all citizens or residents of a country regularly receive an unconditional sum of money.  In the past six decades, numerous countries and think tanks have conducted a variety of social and cultural experiments involving the implementation of Universal Basic Income and while everybody agreed that a basic guaranteed income would be beneficial, almost all disagreed about the integration methodology.

The problem with general and traditional UBI thinking, is the assumption that the government provides it and therefor it becomes akin to the social redistribution of wealth.  The most profound method of doing this is by raising taxes.  Socially and culturally this doesn’t work and it will never work. You cannot turn capitalism into socialism without paying a huge price.

The principal members of the ORU team have hundreds of combined years of experience in the areas of technology, technology development, software development, robotics, artificial intelligence and on-demand manufacturing.  To them, it became clear many years ago that an increase in general automation would have a direct proportionate effect on jobs and employment.  To put it bluntly, automation and robotics would displace and inevitably eliminate millions of jobs.  Overall efficiency increases, product prices go down, all at the expense of the labor force.  This, in turn, significantly affects the economy and the ability for a person to live a dignified life.

The “golden age of industrial automation” and the influence of social media on the younger generations is dramatically changing the manner by which “work ethic” is perceived.  Playing a video game 30 years ago might have been perceived as a useless, albeit pleasurable pass time. Today, the gaming industry is a billion dollar industry and top gamers can earn millions just playing video games competitively.

Social media influencers barely out of their teens, can earn thousands simply relating products and services to their loyal followers.  But for most people, this rapidly growing and changing information technology landscape is a potential human labor death sentence.  This progress of efficiency does not discriminate.  It affects the educated and the un-educated alike.  How will these millions of people get by?  How will they afford food, shelter, transportation, medical bills?

Universal Basic Income is the answer but only provided in the right format.  UBI has to be a win-win situation.  It has to make sense for the giver, as much as it has to make sense for the receiver.

ORU Basic Universal Income completely redefines this concept by radically altering the method of distribution.  Rather than being dependent on government, ORU UBI is paid directly to ORU Members by the ORU network.  It does so by distributing nearly 90% of all income that is derived from the services and products it provides to the ORU Membership.

Effectively, ORU pays its members for their participation.  It pays them through what the network calls: Advocacy and Social Sharing Marketing.  As ORU Members utilize the tools and benefits made available to them through the network, they also get “rewarded” for doing so.  Literally a “thank you” for participating.

This proposes a unique realization. If, after the coverage of the expenses to run the global operation, the network pays the remainder of funds back to the members, effectively re-distributing the now discretionary funds owned by the network, very much adhering to the core fundamentals of Universal Basic Income, does this mean that the network in principal does not fulfill the promise of profit capitalism by keeping as much of the profit it can earn?

This realization is absolutely correct and it has given rise to a term coined by our Founder and Chief Architect, Nick VandenBrekel aptly named:  The Impossibility of Intent.

The impossibility of intent defines the difficulty or near impossibility of executing non-government based Basic Universal Income as it relates to a corporate entity’s determination or resolve to redistribute income they have earned during the normal course of business.

Here are a few examples:  What if Facebook would decide to pay almost all it earned back to everybody with a Facebook page?  What if Google would pay the majority of what it earned back to everybody with a Gmail address?   What if Apple would pay the lion share of their profits back to everybody with an IPhone?  Crazy right??

In fact it is not crazy, it is impossible.  Most large corporations are publicly traded and have numerous fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders, financial stake holders and banks.  Even if these corporations had the “intent” to re-distribute their wealth, they would be in violation of almost all their fiscal obligations.  The very idea would be preposterous!  From this comes an anthropological paradox.  The people who are advocating Universal Basic Income today, some of the wealthiest men and women in the world, can only do so in the traditional sense of government distribution of wealth.  The paradox comes from the fact that while they are incredible advocates of the basic concept, their own companies cannot or will not commit to re-distributing the bulk of their wealth to the people they serve.  

So how then how does ORU do it?  Very simple, ORU is not a publicly traded organization, it has none of the traditional fiduciary obligations that are inherit to most large companies.  It made a decision.  A profound decision to change peoples lives.  The realization that by giving back, you get so much more in return. It keeps enough to operate and then gives back to those who make the network a success.

Lacking the ability to live a dignified life profoundly changes a person’s brain chemistry.  While under great financial stress,  the individual’s survival instinct is greatly amplified.  It becomes so strong, in fact, that the areas of social interaction, imagination, creativity, love and joy are deeply suppressed.  Survival instinct is directly connected to the degrading of emotions. Fight or flight is not the only required response in the face of danger.  Emotions related to the inability to pay bills, to care for a child or loved one, to provide for ones family, exhibit themselves as fear, guilt, shame, anger and grief.  This change in brain chemistry leaves lasting trauma which, in turn, compromises our immune system and our ability to deal with every day situations.  In other words, it makes us sick and unable to function as contributing citizens to our community.

So yes, Universal Basic Income is the answer to a rapidly evolving tech based society. Most scholars, researchers and successful entrepreneurs will agree on it.  But it is the execution that matters most.  We need to make a difference today.  We have to commit to helping others now.

In June of 2015, voters in Switzerland overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to introduce a guaranteed basic income for all its citizens.  Critics of the measure said that disconnecting the link between work done and money earned would have been detrimental to society.  What they missed out on is the fact that 50% of the work that is done is generally unpaid.  It’s called “care work”, work done at home, in the community.

The following countries are all currently conducting experiments with Universal Basic Income:  Kenya’s “Give Directly” charity, Finland, Oakland, California (Y Combinator), Utrecht, Netherlands, Ontario, Canada Mincome Experiment, India, Italy and others soon to follow.  Universal Basic Income will become a fact of life and it will affect millions of people around the world.

ORU has taken an aggressive and leading role in this new frontier.  With advocacy for a better life in mind, we ask our members to share the potential of ORU UBI with others.  Together we can create a better world, we can link communities one transaction at a time and we can change lives, one person at a time.



Orutopian is the endearing term that has come to identify the members of the ORU Market.  Are you an Orutopian yet?



Using ORU Market is simple.  You can register for your free basic ORU Market account on the ORU Market website or the ORU Market iPhone / Android App and immediately you have a universe of possibilities and tools at your fingertips.  Upgrade to ORU Premium Membership and get ORUPAY and your ORUCARD and start receiving great rewards payments on purchases made at ORU merchants. ORU Premium Member incentive payments are paid each Saturday. Once you have registered you will be issued your very own ORU Code.   You can list products, services, stores and businesses in the ORU Market.   You can buy, sell, trade or swap with all other ORU members in the world.  You have secure messaging options and live chat to communicate with your fellow Orutopians.

ORUCARD is the ORU Visa® Prepaid Card



There are a variety of ways to generate income for yourself in the ORU Market.  We will cover them here.  As additional methods become available we will list them in this FAQ.

Method 1: List your product in the ORU Market and sell that product to a buyer.  You can discount your product with ORU Credit Points if wanted. Members can get paid with ORUPAY, PayPal, ORUCARD, Debit Cards and Credit Cards.  PayPal and Debit / Credit Card merchant accounts can be setup in the Profile Payment Settings portion of the Member Account.

Method 2: List your service in the ORU Market and provide that service to a customer.  You can discount your service with ORU Credit Points if wanted. Members can get paid with ORUPAY, PayPal, ORUCARD, Debit Cards and Credit Cards. PayPal and Debit / Credit Card merchant accounts can be setup in the Profile Payment Settings portion of the Member Account.

Method 3: List your business or store in the ORU Market.  Customers who visit can take advantage of the products you sell and discount with ORU Credit Points.  Customers can pay with ORUPAY, PayPal, ORUCARD, Debit Cards and Credit Cards.

Method 4: Advertise your products, services and businesses / stores and receive incentive money each Saturday.  The amount of incentive money you receive is dependent on the number of ORU Credit Points you own.  The more ORU Credit Points you own, the more incentive money you can receive. 

Method 5: Become an ORU Premium Member and start earning additional rewards payments each week. Get all the benefits of the ORUPAY global payment technology platform and get the ORUCARD as a benefit to withdraw funds. The amount of rewards money you receive is dependent on the number of ORU Credit Points you own. The more ORU Credit Points you own, the more rewards money back you can receive each Saturday.

Since the amount of money you can receive each Saturday is dependent on the number of ORU Credit Points you own we will continue this FAQ by explaining the ways you can earn ORU Credit Points.

Method 1: You can earn ORU Credit Points by offering discounts on the products you sell in the ORU Market. When you discount a product, the buyer of your product exchanges the discount you give them for their ORU Credit Points.  This is a great way to earn ORU Credit Points and, at the same time, give a deal to the buyer.

Method 2: You can earn ORU Credit Points by offering discounts on the services you provide to other members in the ORU Market.  The higher discount you provide, the more ORU Credit Points you will earn.  As with products, when you discount your service, the customer exchanges the discount you give them for their ORU Credit Points.

Method 3: You can earn ORU Credit Points by offering deals and discounts on the products you sell in your business or store to visiting customers.  As in Method 1 and Method 2, you earn more ORU Credit Points when you extend better deals to your customers.

Method 4: You can receive ORU Credit Points from other ORU Members in the form of a reward.  Rewards can be given for many reasons, mostly for the purposes of extending gratitude or incentives.

Method 5: You receive ORU Credit Points for spreading the word to others. 





ORU Premium Membership is ORU Saas  (Software as a Service), an upgrade from ORU Basic membership, which is free to all people. As a Premium member you get benefits such as the ORUPAY global software payment platform and the ORUCARD which is the ORU Visa® Prepaid Card and its own software portal.

Premium members also participate in one of the most generous give back programs ever introduced by a company.  Think of it as a way we say: "thank you for your participation" and an acknowledgement you deserve for supporting and using the ORU software services.

Premium membership is optional.  Basic membership is free but if you want to take advantage of the extra software benefits, you can go to your account section and click on "Premium Membership" to upgrade.


Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as "on-demand" software. SaaS is typically accessed by users using a web browser or mobile device.  SaaS has become a common delivery model for many business applications, including office and messaging software, payroll processing software, DBMS software, management software, CAD software, development software, gamification, virtualization, account, collaboration, customer relationship management (CRM), management information systems (MIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), invoicing, human resource management (HRM), talent acquisition, content management (CM) and others.

ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology company that offers its software capabilities both for free and by subscription to its members on a non-exclusive license basis.

Components of the ORU Network, as individual SaaS components are:

ORU Chat: Messaging Software

ORU Pay: Payment Software

ORU Mail: Communications and Mail Software

ORU Organization: (CRM), (HRM)

ORU Advertising and Promotion: Content Management

ORU Sentinel: Security and Cyber Protection Software


The ORU Store Network represents and includes all ORU Members who have committed to accept or extend ORU Credit Points at their place of business and stores in the form of store discounts or store rewards.  They will accept ORU Credit Points for their services and products as represented on their own store page or offer a discount on their goods and services, measured in ORU Credit Points.  Once you have selected to be on the ORU Store network, you can create your own free unique store page which will represent to visitors what product or service you are willing to accept ORU ORU Credit Points for, and when you are willing to accept ORU Credit Points for your products and services, as well as indicate what discount(s) you are willing to provide in ORU Credit Points.  When ORU Members travel the world and want to inquire which business or service provider accepts ORU Credit Points and ORUPay, they simply click on “stores” in the menu and input the category and place.  All businesses and service providers who accept ORUPay or provide discounts in ORU Credit Points will appear in the listing window.  Simply click on the listing and if you choose to visit the store, you already know what is for sale in ORU Credit Points, what discounts are offered and when.  As an ORU Premium Member you can then use ORUPAY, ORUCARD or any other method of payment offered by the store to pay instantly for any product or service offered by the store or get a discount offered by the store.



ORU Market takes abusive and offensive content very seriously.  We have built safety mechanisms into the network that try to keep all the members safe from potentially harmful and offensive content. We have also created a pro-active function called: REPORT OFFENSIVE so that our members can participate in keeping our network safe.  As an ORU Member, if you ever see any postings or listings that violate our Sentinel content policies, all you have to do is click on the "View Profile" link in the offending listing.  At the bottom of the profile you see a link named: REPORT OFFENSIVE. When you click on it, you will have an instant form where you can report the offensive content, a description of the offensive content, the link to the offensive content and upload a screen shot of the content.  Then click "REPORT" and it will immediately be sent to our compliance team.  Action is usually taken within minutes.

We thank all of our members for staying vigilant and for their support in keeping the ORU Market safe and happy for everyone.


ORU can be used wherever ORU is accepted.  ORU is also the official medium of exchange of the ORU Market. 


A complementary currency is used to supplement a national currency. It is an agreement to use a medium of exchange that is not usually legal tender. The purpose is to protect and stimulate a particular economy. A complementary currency aims to protect and strenghten a community and strenghten a territory.  ORU is not necessarily a complementary currency but instead a community point system that defines its value based on the overall ratio usage by its members.  In other words, it is a supply and demand reward point system.


A community currency is a type of complementary currency that has the explicit aim to support and build more equal, connected and sustainable societies. A community currency is designed to be used by a specific group in this case members of the ORU community.  ORU is a complementary community currency rewards platform.


ORU does not require a monetary investment.  It is a voluntarily adopted platform. It is free to join the ORU Market and no membership fees are charged for basic membership.


No, ORU Credit Points are a non-exchangeable rewards medium.  You cannot exchange it for traditional currency nor can you exchange traditional currency for it. 



No, ORU Credit Points cannot be bought with traditional currency.  Sometimes people will draw a comparison or ask if ORU Credit Points resemble digital virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.  ORU is not like Bitcoin or other virtual currencies in any way.  Bitcoin can be invested in, bought and exchange traded.  This makes Bitcoin a regulated security,  subject to rules and regulations covering the futures and option markets.  ORU Credit Points cannot be invested in, bought or exchange traded.  ORU is a complementary community rewards point and incentive platform, that is adopted, freely and democratically, by its members.


No,  ORU is not a barter exchange.  The ORU Market acts as a clearing facilitator for the informal exchange of products and services on a noncommercial basis utilizing the ORU as an incentive and rewards credit points platform. It does not charge a membership fee for basic membership, barter fee, commissions or facilitation fees.  It does not use a convertible barter currency and is free to all members.

If an ORU member utilizes the ORU Credit Points as a discount to a product or service offered for sale in the ORU Market, the traditional currency portion of the transaction is not facilitated by ORU but, instead, between the buyer and seller directly through an "out of network" payment using such companies as PayPal and Stripe.  All ORU Credit Points only transactions are facilitated by the ORU Market.


ORU is a peer-to-peer consensus, voluntary shared community rewards platform and incentive consolidation method.  A security however, is an officially recognized and regulated financial instrument that represents an ownership position in a publicly traded corporation (stock), a credit relationship with a government body or a corporation (bond), or rights to ownership as represented by an option.  ORU does not require a monetary investment, cannot be bought and cannot be invested in.  ORU is not a security. 


ORU is not a broker. A broker is an individual or party that arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed. A broker who also acts as a seller or as a buyer becomes a principal party to the deal. While the ORU Market technologically facilitates the exchanges in the marketplace, it does not charge any fees for this.  As a facilitator, the ORU Market engages in the activity of facilitation where we help a group of people understand their common objectives and assist them in how to achieve these objectives. In doing so, the ORU Market remains neutral and does not take a particular position in the discussion. The ORU Market does not receive, nor charge a fee to act as a facilitator.


Quantum computing makes use of quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement to perform operations on data. Quantum computers are different from digital computers based on transistors. Whereas digital computers require data to be encoded into binary digits (bits), each of which is always in one of two definite states ( 0 or 1 ), quantum computation uses quantum bits ( qubits ), which can be in superpositions of states ( 0 and 1 at the same time)

An example to show the difference between quantum computing and digital "classic" computing would be the test of the maze.

Imagine you are in the center of a very large maze and you are asked to find your way out in the fastest possible way.  You would start to move as quickly as possible, encountering dead-ends and wrong turns along the way until you finally exit the maze.  Now imagine that we could make you faster and faster and faster still.  You still would be just one person trying very rapidly to exit the maze.  Think of this in context with digital computing.

Now imagine that instead of you being just one person, we could make you into millions of people. And we would tell the millions of you to go and find the way out of the maze.  Each one of you would go in a different direction at the same time at incredible speed.  Certainly one of you would find the exit to the maze in a matter of milliseconds.  That is quantum computing.

In the last 2 years, quantum computing construction and on-going research has progressed tremendously. The scalability of quantum computers is being addressed by new technology partners entering the industry and old established giants who are spending significant money in research and development. There is a promising future for semi-conductor based quantum computing, even though super-conductor based systems seem to be coming along nicely. In any case, the future of quantum computing looks very bright indeed.



Infinity Reward is a trade name owned by ORU.  When the ORU is used as a rewards credit point, discount or incentive and travels between ORU users,  it never expires.  It simply transfers and gets utilized by the next member.  Therefor ORU is often referred to as an Infinity Reward.


ORU is a shared economy rewards point platform.  ORU Credit Points are created by the ORU Market to sponsor, promote and incentivize its members to engage in meaningful transactional opportunities that involve services, goods and the building of strong communities and shared social relationships.   ORU has also created its own version of Universal Basic Income by distributing most of its global after-tax income back to the members of the ORU Market in the form of give-back and incentive payments.  The value of the ORU Credit Point is determined by the ORU Members based on supply and demand economics.


ORU is pronounced as follows:   " Oh Ru "


The ORU Market has designed a sophisticated marketing, communication and advertising software platform that is available to all ORU Members.  Members can use this platform to create advertising and marketing messages about their products, services, businesses or stores.  They can select their audience based on advanced demographic filters.  Members can subscribe to the categories of their choice and the advertising they want to receive. They can also select to not receive advertising from fellow members.  ORU Members pay a small fee for these services and by doing so they automatically participate in the ORU weekly monetary Cash Rewards Universal Basic Income incentive program that pays a cash reward to the members each Saturday.


Registration for an account in the ORU Market is absolutely free. Once you are a member, you can start posting your products, services, businesses and stores right away, by using all the software tools of the ORU Market. Once you have published your free listing, you can use the powerful ORU Marketing and Advertising functions to share directly with a local or global audience you specifically target and select.  Simply click on ORU Advertising in your account section and create your own custom promotion, communication or advertisement.  For a minimal fee you can then broadcast your advertisement and look forward to great responses.  But that is not the best part ----  Each week ORU Market pays ORU Basic Universal Income based on its after-tax global income back to the members as an incentive payment.  ORU Members receive this payment each Saturday.

In addition, members can upgrade to ORU Premium Membership and start using ORUPAY and the ORUCARD software with other members and businesses on the ORU Network.  ORU Premium Members can also withdraw their funds to the ORUCARD if they so desire.



Yes, ORU Market has partnered with Stripe to provide merchant services to all ORU Members.  ORU Members can login to their accounts and in their profile can indicate to use Stripe for all their credit card and debit card needs.  Setting up your merchant account is quick and easy.


“Advocate” - a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause”

ORU - Advocates for a better life

Advocacy Marketing is a form of marketing that emphasizes getting existing members or customers to talk about an organization and its products or services. More than 80% of shoppers research online before buying, and having people publicly advocating the product or service, gives great credibility to an organization.

In a 2015 report by Nielsen, a global information and research organization, it was found that 83% of consumers placed the most trust in the recommendations of friends and family. Furthermore, 66% trusted the opinions of consumers and people they found online.

Advocacy works because people are more likely to trust their peers than direct advertising. When someone asks a friend about their experiences with a particular product, service or company, the feedback is significantly more impactful than any marketing campaign could hope to attain.

Advocacy marketing is also one of the most affordable methods of acquiring new members and customers because it leverages previous investments in the services or products provided.  Happy members and customers tend to talk about products and services without being prompted to do so, which leads to many new happy members and customers.

Even in our name: ORU, the significance of our mission is defined.  The word ORU means “weaving” and “to be humble” “to do something”  Our logo, the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet “Phi” means all things in perfect harmony and unity.

Through our software products and services, we strive to provide our members and customers with the tools to improve their lives.  As a global organization we advocate the strengthening and building of strong social relationships and communities. To encourage people from all walks of life to participate in commerce, education and most importantly, to help others succeed as well.

The ORU Advocacy Rewards program, named Protocol, was specifically designed to give back to our members and customers, the resources needed to live a better life. The ORU Advocacy program is a supplement to the ORU Basic Universal Income philosophy that, by giving more, you receive much more in return.

ORU Advocacy as a program is one of most impactful things our organization has ever done to accomplish the building of long lasting meaningful relationships with our most dedicated members and fans and to empower the organic word of mouth both online and offline.



“Protocol” - a procedure for carrying out a set of rules governing the exchange or transmission of data and information.

While our organization is technically defined as an Enterprise Software and Services company, we are so much more than that.  We have worked for years to redefine the status quo in traditional transactional behavior.  We have created sophisticated but easy-to-use tools such as ORUPay, ORUMail, ORUChat, ORURewards, ORU Advertising / Promotion and ORUCard to help people succeed in everyday life with more efficiency and less stress.

We have made most of these products and services available for free and then decided to create a subscription model for our more advanced products.  In creating this “software as a service” model, we realized through years of research and experience that the majority of the people we envision using our network would find the normal established cost of these types of products prohibitive.  In order to create excitement for our members and customers we had to come up with an affordable subscription plan that would be accessible to most people.  And we did it.  For a mere $12 a month we established the Premium Membership option and the ORU Advocacy Protocol Rewards Program, side by side with our ORU Basic Universal Income Program.

Not only did we create a way to make our Premium Membership affordable to all people but, in addition, we found a way to fulfill our lifelong mission to give back to the very people who make our network, and thereby our mission, a success.  To give back, and to give back generously so that we can provide additional resources to our members to enhance their livelihoods and their communities.

This generosity is on clear display in the ORU Advocacy Rewards Program called: Protocol

Protocol consists of layers, just like our organization has layers of sophistication, layers of commitment, layers of services or products and layers of technology, so does Protocol have layers of rewards.

We decided to incorporate 10 layers within the Protocol program.  To us, the number 10 has a profound significance.  The Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras considered the number 10, the symbol of the universe and it expressed the whole of human knowledge.  The sum of 5 + 5, the number 10 represents the two opposite current directions of the conscience: involution and evolution.

Roman architect and statesman, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa called the number 10, the number of all numbers and the universal number; the complete number marking the full course of life.  The attribution to a sense of totality, the achievement, the return to the unit after the development of the cycle of the first nine numbers.

To finish the architecture of Protocol we decided to add an additional dimension to the layers.  We decided to make them infinitely wide.

It seems like with ORU, we are all about numbers and in the case of Protocol, we are all about making the numbers work for you.

Through Protocol, ORU gives back an appreciation reward, a way of saying “thank you, we acknowledge that you have limited time and are fortunate you are spending some of that time participating in our network”  How many networks, social or otherwise, are you familiar with in 2017 that generously give back to the very people who made them successful and wealthy?  We are not familiar with many, if any.

The power of Protocol is derived from advocacy, plain and simple.  Sharing something that makes you happy and gives you fulfillment is a powerful statement.  Advocating this feeling of social sharing to others,  gives Protocol unlimited possibilities.

Protocol is another powerful benefit offered by ORU as part of the ORU Premium Membership, which includes but is not limited to the ORU Visa Prepaid Card.



The ORU Market is not an MLM ( Multi Level Marketing, also known as Direct Sales or Network Marketing) Company. ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology company that offers its software capabilities both for free and by subscription to its members on a non-exclusive license basis utilizing Advocacy Marketing.  In a typical MLM company the company distributes its own products through a network of distributors who earn income from their own retail sales of product and from the retail sales made by the distributors direct and indirect recruiting of others.  A broader definition would be any marketing program in which the participants pay money to the the owner or promoter of the program in return for which the participants have the right to: (a) recruit additional participants, or have additional participants placed by the promoter or any other person into the program participant’s downline, tree, cooperative, income center, or other similar program grouping; (b) sell goods or services; and (c) receive compensation, in whole or in part, based upon the sales of those in the participants downline, tree, cooperative, income center or similar program grouping.  That is MLM defined.

ORU Market does NOT:

- charge a membership fee to its basic members

- charge a facilitation fee to its members

- get paid by its members for any rights to refer other members to the ORU Market

- pay compensation based upon sales of members

- place members anywhere into its program

- charge a registration or sign-up fee (basic membership is free)

- get paid for recruitment of members

- receive commissions based on the participation of its members

ORU Market DOES:

- provide free registration for all members

- provide free access to merchant accounts  (through its partnership with Stripe)

- provide free product listings

- provide free service listings

- provide free business listings

- provide free messaging services

- provide free chat services

- provide free iPhone App

- provide free Android App

- provide free website linking

- provide free media listing

- provide free communication editorial functionality

- provide free archiving functionality

And these are just some of the outstanding free services provided by ORU Market to its global membership.

Members join the ORU Market place to market their own products, services and businesses.  ORU does not directly or indirectly compete with its members by selling products or services offered by its members either for free or for a fee.

ORU Market offers a communication and advertising platform to all of its members to create, edit, archive and broadcast their product, service or business messages to other members who have voluntarily opted in and subscribed to receive these messages.  ORU Market members have the opportunity to select their audience based on sophisticated tools and capabilities and data selection, free of charge.  A small fee is charged to broadcast this service and this fee constitutes a source of income to the ORU Market. In addition, ORU Market offers its members a prepaid debit card called the ORU Visa Prepaid Card.   Members receive this card for free as a benefit of the ORU Premium Membership Subscription. 




The ORU Market is not a referral sales company.  A referral sale is typically defined as the provision or offer to provide a customer with a prize, discount, rebate, or other compensation as an inducement for a sale that requires the prospective customer to give names of other prospective customers to the seller, if earning that prize, discount, rebate or other compensation is contingent upon a sale to one of the "referred" customers.

The ORU Market does not offer or promise to a buyer any kind of price reduction, rebate, commission, credit or other consideration.  ORU Market offers its members a variety of software tools, both free and on SaaS basis.  ORU Members can offer products, services to buyers on the ORU network.  ORU Market does not pay or receive a commission on sales made by ORU Members to other members in the network.  ORU utilizes Advocacy Marketing as a means to spread the word about the organization organically.

The ORU Market does not promise or offer any inducements for a sale or lease on products or services.

The ORU Market does not require or ask its members to provide names of other people.  Basic membership in the ORU Market is free and ORU Members are free to spread the word to others without inducement utilizing what we call ORU Advocacy Marketing.

The ORU Market does not make offers or promises that are contingent upon its ability to make a sale to anybody.  ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology company.  It does not sell products to the general public or to its members. It makes its proprietary software platforms available on a non-exclusive basis to all members, both basic and premium.  The majority of the software platforms available on ORU Market are free to all members.  Premium Members can subscribe to a non-exclusive license to utilize additional software platforms, including but not limited to the ORU CARD platform which includes the free ORU Visa Prepaid Card.



ORU is an acronym.  It stands for Orbis Reward Unit  -  ORU Credit Points are often referred to as OC's.  

ORU is also the Japanese word for "weaving", which is appropriate considering that in the ORU Market we weave people together to build stronger relationships and communities.  In addition ORU means to be humble; to be; to exist and to do something.

ORU is the Indian Tamil word for "The One"

ORU is the Estonian word for "Unity"

The ORU symbol is the twenty-first letter of the Greek alphabet: Phi signifying the Golden Ratio;  all things in perfect harmony, synchronicity and unity.


Identifying yourself with being an Orutopian or ORU Advocate, means that you uphold a certain set of principal and moral values.

You pursue happiness and all that is good in life.  You protect and uphold the sanctity of life and commit to not harming others.  You do not judge others for who they are and what they are.  You acknowledge that judgement is reserved for a higher spiritual power.

You commit to helping others live a better and dignified life while you pursue the same for yourself.

You believe that all people are created equal and that the circumstances, environment and geography of birth are strong determining factors of an individual’s quality of life and the challenges they face.

You condemn the promotion of hate and the exploitation of any and all people.  You reject any activity that will hurt or destroy adults, children, animals and our planet.

You believe in free will and the freedom of choice and because of this,  you believe in the potential goodness of all people and choose to help others wherever and whenever possible.

You understand that the only thing necessary for evil to be triumphant is for good people to do nothing.

You believe in freedom and democracy by the people and that no person, public organization or entity shall exercise dominion over you for the purposes of control, extortion, slavery or exploitation.

You subscribe to the values of joy, love, family, prosperity and dignity.

You understand that the ORU MARKET was specifically created to offer its members the tools to succeed and prosper in areas of transactions, trade, communications, social activity and marketing and that by giving back the majority of what it takes in, the ORU MARKET encourages all members to live a better life and to grow and stimulate the communities in which they live, play and work.

For most of the 7.4 billion people on our planet, life is a constant struggle, dominated by stress,  overwhelmed by poverty and lacking the resources to live a dignified life. Over half of the world’s wealth is in the hands of 1% of the richest people.  As members we can make a positive contribution to the lives of millions of people, pay our success forward and give meaning to the short period of precious time we have been given on this earth. Be an Orutopian, be an Advocate for a better life!

For those of you who are interested in global income inequality, the Gini coefficient is a highly technical method to measure this.  It's very scientific but worth understanding.  Click here to take a look.


ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology company that offers one-stop global social sharing and marketing software tools to its members.  The company was founded to offer its members and subscribers a wide range of tools to succeed in commerce and life. Basic membership is free to all members.

ORUPAY, part of the ORU Premium Membership,  is a sophisticated global smartphone platform software technology designed and created by ORU to enable members to make instantanteous payments to other members or merchants from their MYMONEY account through the web and through smartphone devices. 

The ORUCARD software platform is a benefit available to ORU Premium Members which offers great reward back opportunities on purchases made at ORU merchants.  ORUCARD is the ORU Visa® Prepaid Card.

Register, participate, share and get paid.  List your products, services or stores and businesses.  Create rewards and incentives using ORU credit points.  Market and Advertise your products and services to a local or global audience.  Receive incentives each Saturday and use ORUPAY to reward others or to receive rewards instantly.  Get your own merchant account for free and accept credit, debit cards or ORUPAY for all your online transactions.  Participate in the only network that pays a reward back to ORU members through incentive based income, in an effort to build sustainable communities and establish strong social relationships.

Use the Premium Membership Protocol Advocacy Program to get paid for sharing ORU with others.

Pursue your passions and dreams and receive rewards for doing it.  Increase your happiness and decrease your stress.  

ORU wants you to live, love,  play, prosper and be happy!