Getting Started

Getting started with ORU is extremely simple. 

You can register for a free ORU account on the ORU Market website and immediately you have a universe of possibilities at your fingertips.

Once you have registered you will be issued your own unique ORU Share Code and QR Code.

Use your share code when sharing with new potential members. You will be given a reward in ORU credits for each new member that enters your code when they sign up. (See How to Earn ORU Credits).  There are two ways to signup:

For a Free membership go to then click on MY ORU and then signup.

For a Premium Club membership go to then click on Sign Up.

You can also send them link that automatically fills in your ORU Code.  For your free membership link, login to and click on Profile and your Share link is at the bottom of the page.  For the Premium Club membership link, login to and click on Get Referral LInk.

Remember to download the ORU App from the Apple Store or Google Play, this is very important, as it is loaded with many features and benefits and is our way of letting you know every time someone joins using your code.

As you will soon learn, there are many ways to earn ORU Credits, but there are also many ways to earn unlimited cash rewards.  Be sure to take the time to look at each of the training modules, they are short and easy to understand.

Welcome to ORU!

*You must be 12 years or older to join.