How To Earn Credit

There are several ways to earn to ORU credits, but for starters let's focus on the main way to earn those credits.

The more people you share ORU with, the more credits you earn.

For every person that joins you for FREE, you earn 300 credits AND they earn 300 credits.

In addition, you are able to earn credits 10 levels deep... (See below)

For example, if you sign up Mary, Mary signs up John, John signs up Pete...this continues for 10 levels and you earn credits on each new member.

*An important note: Your ORU credits never expire.

Credit Payout:  We are paid credits 10 levels deep and Infinitely across.

Level 1= 300 credits

Level 2= 225 credits

Level 3 =168 credits

Level 4= 126 credits

Level 5= 94.92 credits

Level 6= 71.19 credits

Level 7= 53.39 credits

Level 8= 40.05 credits

Level 9=30.04 credits

Level 10=22.53 credits

Giving you a total payout of 1132.43 credits potential per new member.

You also get a one-time gift credit when you list your product, service or business in the ORU Market

Listing your product is 400 credits one time.

Listing your service is 800 credits one time.

Listing your business 2700 credits one time


Finally, by using our Global Travel Company, ORU Travel for any and all of your travel needs, you receive 100% of what you spent in ORU Credits.  So if you take a family cruise vacation that cost $5000, you will have 5000 ORU credits deposited into your ORU Credit account.  Remember, the more ORU credits you have, the more you earn.