How To Get Paid

There are a few different ways to get paid by joining ORU.  The first is by participating in the ORU Market, here's how it works.  (Check out the ORU Protocol section for the other ways to get paid).

First you must list a product, service or business/store in the ORU Market for Free.  This allows other members to search for you or find you, as they browse through the category that you chose when you originally listed. 

Once you have listed your products, services and or businesses/stores you can advertise your listing by using our Targeted Marketing Ad engine.  This allows you to create any kind of ad that you want, from a basic add selling a tennis racket, to an elaborate add selling a home.  It also allows you to target the exactly who and where you want to market too.  Meaning, you can market to the entire global community or within a 1 mile radius., as well as to a specific category.  The great part is, no matter which options you choose, you will only pay between $1 and $20 per week for your ad.  By advertising each week, you are automatically qualified to receive a cash reward every Saturday. The amount of cash you receive is dependent on the number of ORU Credits you have earned. The more ORU Credits you own, the more cash you will receive. (See How to earn ORU Credit). The ORU Market gives away the majority of its after-tax global income to all ORU Members that participate in advertising each week.

For example:  Let's say the total payout this week was $1,000,000.  The percentage that you receive is based on how many credits you have accrued in your ORU Credit account. Remember, if you have been super busy sharing ORU and your credits equate to 1% of the overall issued credits. That would mean your payout for the week would be $10,000 and remember, you only spent between $1-$20 to qualify that week.  Oh yeah, this is in addition to what you will make from whatever you are advertising, as ORU does not take a percentage from whatever you make from your listings.

To put that into perspective, FB earned $8.8 Billion in Ad revenue the 1st quarter on 2017, I'll let you do the math.  Oh yeah, when is the last time you got a check in the mail from FB?