How To Participate

The only requirement to get paid on Saturday, is to Participate.

Participation is easy! Every week you can advertise your FREE listings, which would be either your products, services or businesses/stores. (Check out the ORU Protocol section to learn other ways to participate).

ORU Advertising allows you to target market what you are offering to ORU members with several options, like radius or category of interest.  Depending on how many people you choose to send your ad out to, will determine the cost of the ad.

For example, if you had a lawn service and only wanted to advertise to a 5-mile radius, that may cost you $2.  But if you were selling a real estate software that could be downloaded to any computer anywhere in the world, then you may select the entire global membership, which will cost you no more than $20 a week, no matter how many members that includes.  That's right, we have made advertising with ORU so affordable, that there really is no reason not to use ORU Market. 

On Friday night, the system looks at the entire global network and finds any member who participated that week and qualifies them to be paid on Saturday.  As stated in the "How to earn Credits" section, the system now looks for the number of credits you have accrued in your ORU Credit account, which then determines the amount you get paid on Saturday.  (See "How to Get Paid" section).

As a side note, it does not matter how much you spend on advertising, it just matters that you participated. In addition, ORU does not take a percentage from the money you make in the market place, its all yours to keep.