Our first goal of course is to help everyone become happier people and spread happiness as quickly as possible. In addition to helping you become a happier person we will teach you to cultivate. identify. mature and unleash the God-given talents that are already within you.



Our vision is Grand. Join us and become a part of the solution in helping Millions. Together if we can change your life, we can change your family ,if we can change the family we can change our community ,if we can change our community we can change a nation if we can change a nation we can change the world. We Believe that together we can do more than we ever could be apart.



Our mission is to change the brain to focus on love, joy and happiness instead of focusing on money or the lack of money, even poverty in most cases. Even if this is not the situation that you are in we all know people that this is their reality. Join us in ORU's mission and become part of the family and lets change lives together. all around the globe.