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Have you ever had the chance to be the first to introduce an innovative, cutting edge, one of a kind benefit and opportunity?

If not, here is your chance!!

Welcome to the most versatile and sophisticated rewards and payment platform the world has ever seen. We call it ORU PROTOCOL and it is brought to you by the ORU Market.
What is ORU Market, You ask? We’ll get to that a little later.

I am curious...

  • Do you use a debit card?
  • Do you ever market or promote a product, service or business?
  • If so, how much do these activities or products reward you every week?

Ask yourself another question….

Who would not want to be part of one of the fastest growing social sharing, marketing and advertising networks in the world and get rewarded for it


each week…    money world

every Saturday…  

with real $$$$...

That’s right, get paid every week!

Just by subscribing to the ORU PROTOCOL program, you automatically qualify to participate in our Cash Rewards payout, which comes from a percentage of the Global Revenue generate each week.


How is that possible, you ask?

Well, for starters, ORU Market is one of the fastest growing social sharing, marketing and advertising networks in the world and membership into the ORU Market is absolutely free. Right away valuable tools to communicate and share your products, services, passions and businesses with other members are made available to you.

But as an ORU Premium Member you participate in one of the most generous “Give Back” programs that has ever existed.  Think about it as our way of saying “Thank You” for participating and supporting our global community, don’t you think if you help grow a company, you should be rewarded?

How much do we give back?


Let’s say that ORU Market was giving back a weekly rewards distribution of $1,000,000. On Friday night, ORU Market calculates the total number of global ORU Premium Members in the network. It then calculates how many ORU Credits each Premium Member has accrued in their account. It would look like this:

Tom has 50,000 ORU Credits, Sue has 10,000 and Pam has 1,000 ORU Credits. On Saturday morning, Tom will have a higher reward percentage of the $1,000,000 deposited in his MYMONEY account and Sue will receive more than Pam. The exciting part is that the following week, Sue shares the ORU Market opportunity with more of her friends and family and is rewarded with an additional 60,000 ORU Credits and now she has 70,000 and receives a higher reward percentage. Again remember, ORU Credits never expire, they just keep accruing.

Regardless of how many ORU Credits you have accrued, if you are an ORU Premium Member you will absolutely receive a CASH reward each week. It’s just our way of saying “Thank You”!



Monthly Subscription Option

We are offering a monthly Premium Members subscription plan, as we want everyone to have the ability to participate in this incredible opportunity.  To subscribe to the monthly program, you pay a $24.99 activation fee and $5.95 a month. This makes you eligible to receive your weekly cash reward every Saturday and participate in the Protocol Advocacy Rewards program, see examples below.

Annual Subscription Option...

If you become an ORU Annual Premium Member, we are giving the first month of your subscription absolutely free. That means you will only pay $99.44 for your Annual Premium Membership.  This qualifies you to receive your weekly cash reward every saturday and participate in the Protocol Advocacy Rewards program, as well.

Remember that if you shared the Annual subscription with only 5 of your friends or family, you would have paid for your entire Annual Premium Membership and will continue to be rewarded every week and would have accrued additional ORUCredits, more credits, more money.

Through the Advocacy Reward Protocol you get rewarded, in $$$$, on every new member 10 layers deep. 




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The ORUCARD is exclusively made available to ORU Premium Members by the ORU Market in partnership with PayQuicker. 

ORU Visa® Prepaid Card issued by Metabank®, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from VISA® U.S.A. Inc.