ORU Protocol

“Protocol” - a procedure for carrying out a set of rules governing the exchange or transmission of data and information.

While our organization is technically defined as an Enterprise Software and Services company, we are so much more than that.  We have worked for years to redefine the status quo in traditional transactional behavior.  We have created sophisticated but easy-to-use tools such as ORUPay, ORUMail, ORUChat, ORURewards, ORU Advertising / Promotion and ORUCard to help people succeed in everyday life with more efficiency and less stress.

We have made most of these products and services available for free and then decided to create a subscription model for our more advanced products.  In creating this “software as a service” model, we realized through years of research and experience that the majority of the people we envision using our network would find the normal established cost of these types of products prohibitive.  In order to create excitement for our members and customers we had to come up with an affordable subscription plan that would be accessible to most people.  And we did it.  For a mere $5.95 a month we established the Premium Club Membership option and the ORU Advocacy Protocol Rewards Program, side by side with our ORU Basic Universal Income Program.

Not only did we create a way to make our Premium Membership affordable to all people but, in addition, we found a way to fulfill our lifelong mission to give back to the very people who make our network, and thereby our mission, a success.  To give back, and to give back generously so that we can provide additional resources to our members to enhance their livelihoods and their communities.

This generosity is on clear display in the ORU Advocacy Rewards Program called: Protocol

Protocol consists of layers, just like our organization has layers of sophistication, layers of commitment, layers of services or products and layers of technology, so does Protocol have layers of rewards.

We decided to incorporate 10 layers within the Protocol program.  To us, the number 10 has a profound significance.  The Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras considered the number 10, the symbol of the universe and it expressed the whole of human knowledge.  The sum of 5 + 5, the number 10 represents the two opposite current directions of the conscience: involution and evolution.

Roman architect and statesman, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa called the number 10, the number of all numbers and the universal number; the complete number marking the full course of life.  The attribution to a sense of totality, the achievement, the return to the unit after the development of the cycle of the first nine numbers.

To finish the architecture of Protocol we decided to add an additional dimension to the layers.  We decided to make them infinitely wide.

It seems like with ORU, we are all about numbers and in the case of Protocol, we are all about making the numbers work for you.

Through Protocol, ORU gives back an appreciation reward, a way of saying “thank you, we acknowledge that you have limited time and are fortunate you are spending some of that time participating in our network”  How many networks, social or otherwise, are you familiar with in 2017 that generously give back to the very people who made them successful and wealthy?  We are not familiar with many, if any.

The power of Protocol is derived from advocacy, plain and simple.  Sharing something that makes you happy and gives you fulfillment is a powerful statement.  Advocating this feeling of social sharing to others,  gives Protocol unlimited possibilities.

Protocol is another powerful benefit offered by ORU as part of the ORU Premium Membership, which includes but is not limited to the ORU Visa Prepaid Card.